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Lady and her children recovery from Domestic Violence

Has Domestic Violence affected your family?

Last year, we completed the last phase of our transformation by making a name change…The DVIC is now called A Community for Peace. We felt that this name best described the passion and commitment of the founders vision…a community based organization built on volunteerism and community support; we felt that it also adequately described the way we operate as a family, community of advocates, allies and partners working together for peace in our communities. And we felt it best described our philosophy, that no ONE agency can address this issue alone or very effectively…We need everyone to address this epidemic, from victims and survivors voices and stories that drive our responsive programming to community funders who are looking for impactful ways to address and reduce violence in our county.

ACFP receives an award for their work fighting community violence from City of Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights City Council honors ACFP directors and board of directors for
their work in the community.

As we enter into the next phase of our organizational story, we look forward to strengthening our prevention services, to opening our trauma informed preschool and to launching many collaborative projects with our community partners, addressing our youth and children exposed to violence. We believe in reaching our into our communities and neighborhoods to serve the people where they are and working collaboratively to address and respond to what local communities need in the way that they need them versus giving them what we think they should have!

We Believe In…

Grass roots Leadership — decisions made by the people affected by the issue, from the ground up rather than top down.

Commitment to Change — to identify and eliminate the root cause of the problem in addition to repairing the damage that is caused by the problem.

Women from the community participating in a Domestic Violence advocate training program

Women from the community participating in a Domestic Violence advocate training program

Commitment to Diversity — founded by women from some of the most disenfranchised groups in society, we serve all victims from all walks of life.

Peer-based, Women-Helping-Women Mode — grounded in the notion that being able to empathize, connect with a victim/survivor, and/or relate personally to a victim/survivor’s experience is more important and highly valued.

Education Mode — knowledge is power. If given basic DV information and knowledge about options and resources, victims can find the tools they need in order to escape the emotional trap of abuse.

Empowerment Mode — an individual can make healthy choices if given adequate tools, a safe environment, and a means by which to have control over their own lives.

Options Counseling — given options and resources. and choices, women can escape abuse.

We Believe in…

Creating an Environment where the Truth can actually be told…our Sanctuary Model from our Harmony House Emergency Shelter to our Business Center, is an environment of calm, compassion and reflective of our “Insider’s Wisdom” of the kind of environment, the kind of staffing approach, the kind of service delivery that victims and their families can participate in and feel supported. Every member of our staff and Board of directors has completed the DV Counseling curriculum, in order to be current in our understanding of this issue…

All staff of A Community for Peace go through rigorous training in a Domestic Violence Counseling curriculum

All staff of A Community for Peace go through rigorous training in a Domestic Violence Counseling curriculum

Creating an environment of accountability…We hold ourselves accountable to be present, informed and responsible for the information and support offered you. At the same time, we will help you in making the kind of changes needed to increase your credibility, while challenging systems to be better informed and work collaboratively to ensure that victims’ rights are respected and honored.

Creating the kind of messaging that contributes to changing the conditions that cause the issue…We believe in “educating to advocate”, training, education and prevention programming, and working collaboratively with state and national policy makers are all designed to change the violent and abusive messaging found in our media, entertainment and social networking

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