WORKING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.   A Community For Peace is a state certified trauma-informed social justice crisis center serving children and adult survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.    DONATE TO ACFP   *24 Hour Crisis Hotline 916.728.7210

"Lifting Up the Least of Us to Elevate the Rest of Us"


What Is A Trauma Informed Domestic Violence Center?

A trauma informed center offers staff and policies and protocols that reflect an understanding of the lifecycle of abuse and trauma, as an event and an understanding of that impact over the lifespan of the individual who has experienced trauma.

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What Is Social Justice?

Domestic violence, as a social illness, has its root cause many generations ago, when laws giving men the right to chastise, discipline or control their wives and children with weapons no larger than the size of his thumb.

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Creating Social Justice and Equality

To create an environment of social justice where the truth can be told requires every staff person and board member to have a true understanding of domestic violence, its causes, and its holistic impact on everyone in the environment and its social implications.

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How A Community For Peace Creates Social Justice

At ACFP we have established a robust outreach program and are all currently offering services in six other sites in Sacramento County.

Being in these neighborhoods in our county allows us to customize services to get folks the kinds of domestic violence services that are relevant within their culture and other community.

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How Does ACFP Reduce The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children?

A Community For Peace, established our second mission, which is to reduce the impact of domestic violence on children. And part of changing the conditions which caused the issue, the early intervention of learned behaviors will better result in more empowered children, who in turn will become far more empowered adults.
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Donate to Support Social Justice

We are committed to promoting social justice, empowering women, children and men to a life without violence or abuse; and to empowering our communities to join us in the movement of creating peace for the next generations. To date, we have helped over 400 women in our shelter, educated over 700 in our Smart & Strong™ program and have provided assistance to over 19,000 through our Crisis Line.

Ending Violence

Our Community workshops, In-Service Trainings and Educational Programs help educate the public about the myths and realities of Domestic Violence/Family Violence and Sexual Assault with trauma informed approaches to intervention and assistance and program development.

Empowering Women

We provide a wide range of options, resources and referrals for survivors, while empowering women to set personal goals and make the changes they want for their life!

Creating Peace

Our robust outreach philosophy of collaboration and partnership enables our partner organizations throughout the county to get the best training and education about Domestic Violence/Family Violence and Sexual Assault.

A Community For Peace is a charitable organization

It is the ongoing generosity and daily support of our friends, neighbors, faith-based partners and community at large that has helped to ensure services in this part of Sacramento County. It is our community at large that helps us sustain services. It is our collective voices that enable families to know that they are not alone.

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