Our History

A Community for Peace began as a grassroots organization in 2000.

Called the Citrus Heights Women’s Center (CHWC), the mission then, was to provide domestic violence information, referral & peer support to victims through a 24-hour crisis line. In April 2008, the Board sought the expertise of Whitefeather Basinger & Associates, consultants and trainers in the domestic violence and wellness fields, who then became permanent directors for the organization once the organization was awarded state funding in 2011.

Recognized by the Domestic Violence Prevention Collaborative 2009 for our innovative DVRT First Response partnership with the Citrus Heights Police Department for outstanding service; the Chief of Police, Christopher Boyd, was awarded the prestigious James Q. Wilson Award 2012 for excellence in Community Policing for our DVRT 1st Response partnership. This innovative, proactive service is the only one of its kind in California! ACFP was also awarded Best Social Service agency of Citrus Heights three years in a row!

In April of 2013, the final step of our transformation took place with a name change A Community for Peace. We believe that this name best described the passion and commitment of the founders vision…a community based organization built on volunteerism and community support; and adequately describes the way we operate as a family, community of advocates, allies and partners working together for peace in our communities. It best describes our philosophy, that no ONE agency can address this issue alone or very effectively…We need everyone to address this epidemic, from victims and survivors voices and stories that drive our responsive programming to community funders who are looking for impactful ways to address and reduce violence in our county.

We believe in reaching out into our communities and neighborhoods to serve the people where they are and working collaboratively to address and respond to what our local communities need in the way that they need them to the best of our ability. Collaboration, cooperation and community responsiveness best describes our future development and vision…stay tuned!