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A survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault is often afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help, or doesn’t know who to trust. If you or someone you know needs assistance, contact A Community for Peace.

About Commercially Sexually Exploited Children aka Sex Trafficking

A Community For Peace and Foundation For Peaceful Communities have partnered with Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement, UC Davis to create a community-wide response to ‘End the exploitation of children in Sacramento County‘.  A Community For Peace will be providing the safe haven homes for our children ages 11 to 17 years old. 




  • The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14-year-old (some boys, mostly girls).
  • Many victims are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children.
  • The majority of teens involved in sex trafficking come from domestic violence and child abuse.
  • California harbors 3 of the FBI’s 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.
  • Using teens in prostitution (whether being the pimp or the John) is called rape and slavery and it is a crime.


  • Teens that are being sex trafficked are prostitutes.-  Not true. They are in fact, victims.  It is a crime to have sex with a minor or hold a person against their will.
  • Teens that are being sex trafficked have control or choose to be involved –  Not true. Sex trafficking is not a lifestyle that victims choose. Rather, high demand for sexual services causes vulnerable people to be preyed upon to satisfy this perverse demand.
  • Teens will ask for help when they need it –  Not true…most often than not, sex trafficking victims are subjected to physical and psychological abuse which forces them into a position of silence and submission. Fear of retaliation can prevent victims from seeking help. In many cases, prostitutes are severely beaten if they attempt to run away and are caught.
WHAT is the A Community-wide Response?
  • A coordinated community response to intervention to domestic violence and sexual assault involves law enforcement stings along with Domestic Violence Response Team, Child Protective Services, A Community For Peace, UC Davis, the business community, nonprofits and surrounding communities.
  • A coordinated response must address the impact of domestic violence and the response to domestic violence.
  • A Community For Peace will provide safe haven homes for girls between the ages of 11 and 17 years old that are being sexually exploited.
  • A Community For Peace Safe Haven homes will provide a protective and loving home environment for the youth while they are able to receive wrap around support services from Child Protective Services, UC Davis, and other services available to them.
  • A Community For Peace is partnered with Child Protective Services, UC Davis, Child Family Law Center, and other outside services; the supportive services will include education, training, and community involvement.
  • A Community For Peace is committed to training and creating trauma-informed families (parents for the kids).
  • A Community For Peace is committed to finding and supporting “FOREVER families for Forever Futures the kids deserve”.

READ recent PRESS RELEASE from Foundation For Peaceful Communities about ‘Safe Haven Homes’ for our Girls.



About Our Center

A Community For Peace is a trauma-informed organization that addresses the holistic impact of domestic violence, sexual assault, family violence on an individual, as well as, their families or family systems.

24 Hour Crisis Hotline 916.728.7210

Our trauma-informed domestic violence center is an environment that provides a sanctuary style model which includes subdued lighting, quiet, calm and nurturing environment for folks who have been affected by abuse and trauma.

A trauma-informed center offers staff and policies and protocols that reflect an understanding of the lifecycle of abuse and trauma over the lifespan of an individual who has trauma.

A center that is trauma-informed addresses the holistic impact of domestic violence, sexual assault, family violence on an individual, as well as, their families or family systems.


ACFP  NORTH~ Citrus Heights location supporting Citrus Heights and surrounding Sacramento County.

ACFP SOUTH~ Oak Park location supporting Oak Park surrounding Sacramento County.  Opening December 2018.


  • 24 Hour Crisis Hotline- 916.728.7210
  • Emergency Shelter (Women & Children)
  • Transitional Housing Assistance
  • Business Center (walk-in during weekdays)
  • Relocation Assistance and Housing Assistance
  • Transportation Support
  • Children/Youth Services
  • DV Peer Support/Education
  • Legal Services/ Advocacy
  • Law Enforcement Response (DVRT First Response, DVRT ONCALL, CEDV)
  • Community Outreach and Collaborative
  • Emergency Room Response
  • Social Services Advocacy
  • Individual Counseling, Women and Men

VIDEO: ABOUT A Community For Peace by Elaine Whitefeather

Creating Equality

To create an environment of social justice where the truth can be told every staff person and board member must have a true understanding of domestic violence, its causes, and its holistic impact on everyone in the environment and its social implications.

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