Social justice and cultural competence require us to acknowledge and accept institutionalized forms of the “isms”, gender bias, racism and homophobia that still exist in our institutions and our faith community.

A Community For Peace have established a robust outreach program and are all currently serving at six locations throughout Sacramento County.

Being in these neighborhoods in our county allows us to customize services to get victims and their families the kinds of domestic violence services that are relevant within their culture and other community.

ACFP partnered with the faith community, provided robust training to The Department of Health Assistance (DHA) and created an Advocate Academy to provide training to our community partners who will serve with us.

ACFP’s CARES program is about creating a domestic violence and community advocacy resource team. ACFP loves training. By attending our Advocate Academy, companies and organizations become knowledgeable and wise in their own workplace.  This allows ACFP to coach, educate and mentor their own personnel and employees. If the trained Advocates reach a point where ACFP Staff needs to intervene and support them,  they have immediate access to ACFP. This empowers a whole entire community to be able to be knowledgeable with confidence and be able to say “I can do something and I can take a stand to make a difference” and no longer just a bystander.

ACFP continues to work in collaboration with Citrus Heights Police Department and law enforcement organizations throughout Sacramento County to educate everyone about Domestic Violence and create an environment to promote successful outcomes and peace in our communities.

Below are ARTICLES written by David Croff, a ACFP Domestic Violence Counselor. David is a 35-year law enforcement veteran and a retired sergeant with the Sacramento Police Department. He has worked Professional Standards, Internal Affairs, Investigations, Narcotics, and Patrol. Dave holds a bachelor’s in criminal justice, a master’s in behavioral science and is a POST Master Instructor. He is an expert witness in the area of domestic violence.

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Everyone in our community and in our great state of California can do something to promote peace and end violence in our children’s homes.