Emergency Shelter

Dedicated to helping the community, A Community for Peace provides 24/7 access to emergency shelter to women and their children escaping abusive relationships and environments through the Harmony House.   24 Hour Crisis Hotline- 916.728.7210

A Community for Peace provides emergency crisis and transitional support services addressing the full spectrum of domestic violence, family violence and sexual assault to all victims: women, men, their children and families in our northern and eastern regions Sacramento County and supports the Greater Sacramento region.

Our Domestic Violence Response Team (DVERT) First Responders TM respond to domestic and family violence calls with a law enforcement partners in Citrus Heights which provides immediate access to Harmony House. We provide a DVRT On-Call Advocate who follows up on domestic violent calls, referrals and requests from local police, cps, hospitals and other shelters and can provide transport when needed and available.

This First Responder program is the only one of its kind in California!

A Community for Peace responds to our sister shelters state-wide, and nationally to provide safety to those escaping violent relationships.

If you are in crisis now, please call the CRISIS LINE at (916) 728-7210.