Remember ME. Giving Tuesday. 2018

EVERY ‘Tuesday’ for NOVEMBER 2018



  1. Remember me…who is so terrified that I’ll never tell anyone for fear he’ll kill me.
  2. Remember me…who is caught up in the belief that the man should be in control, the head of the house, and never
  3. Remember me…who watches my parents fight each night while I curl up in the corner trying to hide.
  4. Remember me…who believes a good woman never leaves her man.
  5. Remember me…who knows a man isn’t suppose to hit a woman, so when she comes after me I lower my head and sit on my hands.
  6. Remember me…whose young brain is actually changed by the violence I experience in my own house.
  7. Remember me…who is so ashamed of what is happening to me that I won’t dare ask for help.
  8. Remember me…who finally got the courage to leave but now lives in terror because he stalks me.
  9. Remember me…because I grew up believing that what my parents did to each other is normal.
  10. Remember me…who keeps praying that it will stop, but it doesn’t.
  11. Remember me…who is already isolated by the faith community because I’m gay so being isolated & criticized by my partner feels familiar and deserved.
  12. Remember me…who proves by staying that I can handle anything.
  13. Remember me…who stays “for the children’s sake”.
  14. Remember me…who sits in your congregation, listens to your words, and know you don’t have a clue what my life is like.
  15. Remember me…who hears you talk about forgiveness so I forgive again and again and again, and the violence repeats again and again and again.
  16. Remember me…who made a vow to stay in this relationship for better or worse, but the “worse” is more terrifying that I could ever imagine.
  17. Remember me…who believes I deserve this.
  18. Remember me…who steps up to “take it” for my mom so he’ll stop hurting her.
  19. Remember me…the officer who knows how dangerous intervention is, but goes to the call anyway.
  20. Remember me…the shelter worker who sees the same family come through again and again, and wonders if it’s worth it to even try to help.
  21. Remember me…the fresh seminary graduate with only one pastoral care class, unequipped for the stories that I will hear.
  22. Remember me…who dreads the footsteps in my own house.

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