FIND OUT WHAT EVENTS ARE HAPPENING AT Foundation For Peaceful Communities

Personal Excellence Achieved through Community Empowerment 

Foundation for Peaceful Communities invests in people through targeted social renewal projects and enterprises designed to help each individual grow, thrive and contribute to the surrounding community.

Foundation For Peaceful Communities believes when a community works together, sharing knowledge, resources, and experience, we can do far more than any organization can do individually. That’s why we have made a priority of creating strategic, mutually beneficial alliances with partners across the government, corporate and non-profit sectors.


Current and planned P.E.A.C.E. Projects offer a range of skills and support to several different populations

  • Ruthie’s Place:  Providing a safe place for women, girls and families, includes Boutique Thrift Store, Youth Drop-In Support Services, Domestic Violence Support Services, and LGBTQ DV Support Services
  • Soroptimist House: A safe, comfortable transitional home for survivors of domestic violence and their children located in Citrus House.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Community: Including onsite resources for women, children, and veterans.
  • Mentoring & Partnerships: Nurturing tomorrow’s business leaders today through an entrepreneurial and business educational incubator training center.
  • Performing Arts Center: Instilling confidence and freedom through artistic discipline, our performing arts center will be a hub for creativity and self-expression.