Grand Opening and Tapestry Coming Out 2019


Saturday, June 22, 2019  ~ 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

3401 2nd Avenue, Sacramento (Oak Park)




ABOUT A Community For Peace (ACFP):

A Community For Peace is a state certified trauma-informed social justice crisis center serving children and adult survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.  A Community For Peace’s mission is to serve children and adult survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in under-served, marginalized communities, inclusive of the dominant culture, in our region and to create ‘safe access’ and cultural bridges to systems mandated to serve them.


Colleen Robertson ~ Marketing Director     Email:

LOCATION: 3401 2nd Ave, Sacramento, CA 95817-2802

A Community For Peace is excited to celebrate the first of its kind Transcendent Boutique and Artisan Gallery and Tapestry Services serving the underserved and marginalized LGBTQ, Black, and Brown communities as part of their new mission and culturally relevant/sensitive service delivery for victims and survivors and their children experiencing Intimate Partner Violence/Sexual violence/Family Violence in our county.

The NEW Transcendent Boutique and Art Gallery will include custom wigs, clothing, makeup, wellness and self-care products for the gender diverse community of Sacramento. The space will also include the A Community for Peace TAPESTRY intimate partner violence, domestic & sexual violence crisis services that will be both publicly accessible at the store and discreetly available by appointment.

A Social Renewal project modeled after Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco, Transcendent Boutique and Artisan Gallery serves 3 purposes: 1) It is safe space where our marginalized and gender diverse community can shop and access resources, services that acknowledge the complexities of IPV within the context of societal oppression. As members of those marginalized groups and allies, ACFP staff and advocates have shared experiences with the communities being served.  2) It is also a part of the project’s larger work training center supporting a pathway toward employment, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. 3) The boutiques provide needed gently used clothing at thrift store prices; free items, classes and consignment opportunities to the local community enabling us to contribute to the economic needs and economy of the larger South Sacramento region.

Elaine Whitefeather, ACFP Executive Director stated, “TAPESTRY was created as a result of both data and personal narratives which  supported that the majority of LGBTQ  intimate partner violence (IPV) victims would “prefer to remain homeless than access traditional shelters” and prefer not to access traditional services due to the many barriers and discrimination. Studies show that marginalized individuals experiencing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), will experience harm at a greater rate than individuals from dominant culture when seeking services 61% of the time when accessing services in any social or justice systems.”

Statistics also reflect that 94% of community providers surveyed whose clients intersect domestic violence/intimate partner violence have no comprehensive, culturally specific intimate partner violence services for the LGBTQ community.  This highlights the inequity and numerous barriers LGBTQ survivors of violence face in trying to obtain culturally competent services in this country, state, and county.

A Community For Peace transformed her mission from a mainstream approach to domestic violence to a culturally relevant lens serving marginalized and under-served, LGBTQ, Black and Brown communities. This bold move was embraced by both the Board of Directors and staff at A Community For Peace. This lens addresses the societal oppression as context for the experience of IPV that is the reality of our Black, Brown and LGBTQ communities.

Please join A Community For Peace on Saturday, June 22 to the beautifully renovated Transcendent Boutique & Artisan Gallery, as we celebrate and bring awareness to the LGBT and Trans community through this cutting edge innovative project.