ACFP South ~ OPEN HOUSE March 9th


Sacred Space Youth Drop-In Center is a harm reduction project targeting at-risk youth, black, brown and LGBTQ, many foster youths who are often groomed into exploitation.  ACFP in partnership with Sierra Child and Family Services, Rotary International, Soroptimist International, and the Faith community will provide a safe, no pressure space, with food, clothing, school supplies, mentoring, peer support in a community center developed with a youth collaborative leading the way.

This social renewal project is a peer-based, “each one teach one” model that is culturally relevant and sensitive, with credible messengers, advocates who have been trafficked, provide support and advocacy as needed in a  trauma-informed environment. Providing the very basic survival needs for these children helps to lessen dependency on exploiters and give them a place to rest. Intervention services are available on site, as requested by youth. This pilot project will eventually include housing, a business and performing arts center in the next few months.  Sacred Space is located at 3841 4th Avenue in the Oak Park area of Sacramento, CA 95817.


The drop-in center is a safe sanctuary environment where food, clothing and a safe comfortable resting place, basic food and water, energy drinks, snacks, instant coffee or tea, juice boxes; toiletries/hygiene products; first aid kits, treats, gift cards, prepaid phone cards, and bus passes.   Your investment also allows this safe sanctuary space to be available and open to the youth year round.   It also allows for services to be on-site and available year round.

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