Ruthie’s Place – Coming Soon 2019

Youth Social Justice RepurposeWear  

Youth creating and repurposing clothing and accessories.

Based on the ‘reach one, teach one’, the youth will learn, grow, create, and run the store.

Ruthie’s Place, slated to open summer/fall 2019, will be more than a place to find affordable clothes. Named in honor of WNBA Hall of Fame member and domestic violence survivor Ruthie Bolton, the store will provide foster youth with empowerment life skills, work experience and job training, something many foster youth need to succeed but have difficulty finding. “It’s a store for foster youth, run by foster youth,” Whitefeather said. “I want foster kids to learn everything there is about owning a business, how to be an entrepreneur and expose them to every aspect of how they can be self-reliant and independent.” Ruthie’s Place is in partnership with Sierra Child and Family Services, CHILL Sacramento, and Music Changes Lives. *Opening:  Summer/Fall 2019, 3519 Broadway, Sacramento


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