Tapestry of PEACE ~ A Program supporting LGBTQ+ Community

Committed to helping LGBTQ+ Communities create safe, healthy, and loving relationships.

LGBQ and Transgender victims of intimate partner violence face unique challenges when seeking help. ACFP’s TAPESTRY program provides emergency housing, legal advocacy, counseling and other services through an all-LGBQ and Transgender staff that reflects the community it seeks to serve. The unique program will be housed together with Transcendent Boutique and Art Gallery. Opening: April/May  Location: 3401 2nd Ave., Sacramento

ABUSE TAKES ON MANY FORMS.....Emotional, Psychological, Verbal, Financial, Spiritual, Sexual, Physical.
  • You do not deserve to be abused.
  • No one deserves to live and love in fear.
  • There are reasons why it is hard to leave and why it keeps happening.
  • There is a safe place for you to figure out what works for you and your family.
  • Any form of abuse impacts your kids in the same way it impacts you.
  • Control your decisions and actions? Where you go and who you see?
  • Threaten to "out" you, or tells you that no one will believe you because you are LGBTQ?
  • Criticize, insult, belittle or humiliate you? or hit, kick, shove, strangle, or throw things at you?
  • Criticize or minimize your sexuality or gender identity?
Unique LGBTQ+ Barriers
  • Queer people facing violence from outside may feel trapped with trauma inside their homes
  • Unsupportive family of Origin
  • Discrimination/Abuse from community service organizations
  • Partner using queer identity as a weapon such as threatening to out you if you leave or tell
  • Partner using lack of legal parental rights to take children away
  • Lack of quantity of friends and community members with capacity and knowledge to be able to help
  • Mistaken belief that “women are not abusers” or “men are not victims of abuse” creates blindness to reality of situation
  • Lack of representation of what DV in LBGTQ+ relationships looks like in media
  • Threatening to isolate you from your rainbow family if you speak about abuse, leaving victim completely isolated from the world
  • Inability to escape abuser because of the small size of our community
  • Smaller dating pool; feeling of there being less options if you leave
  • Internalized trans/gay hatred makes abuse seem wrongly justified
  • Higher quantity of abuse in life creates a feeling of “normalcy” and higher rates of acceptance of abuse






*Emergency Housing

*Legal and Resource Assistance

*Social Services Advocacy/ CPS Advocacy

*Peer Support Groups

*Parenting Groups

*Intimate Partner Violence Education

*Counseling Sessions

*Safety Planning

*Emergency Food and Clothing

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