Youth Services

A Community For Peace is committed to providing youth development strategies that focus on giving young people the chance to form relationships with caring adults, build skills, exercise leadership, and help their community.

What services and programs are provided by A Community For Peace?

A Community for Peace (ACFP) partners with local law enforcement to provide crisis intervention and therapeutic counseling services for at-risk teens and their parents/guardians. The Juvenile Diversion Educational Program (JDEP) is a diversion program that provides an opportunity for a first time youth offender between the ages of 12-18 years of age to defer their charge and as an alternative to formal court proceedings.

ACFP partners with local law enforcement with the Juvenile Diversion Educational Program (JDEP) and provides crisis intervention and therapeutic counseling services for at-risk teens and their parents and guardians. The JDEP aims to help teens too make positive behavioral changes and return to school; The program also offers parenting classes so families can create more peaceful homes.

In addition, ACFP provides counseling and crisis intervention for youth of all ages. Children and adolescents are provided with therapeutic services through peer counselors and licensed therapists. Parenting classes are also available to support the family.

Program Focus:

  • Teaching skills and providing opportunities to practice those skills.
  • Program focuses on teaching life skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and communication.
  • Program also provides educational focus on drugs/alcohol and decreasing violence in relationships.

Requirements by Youth:

  • Teens must perform a minimum of 20 hours of community service and 40 hours of restitution.
  • Teens must participate in individual/family counseling and groups.

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